Titel: UNDP Report is biased: KRRS
Datum: 15 juli 2001
Bron: The Hindu
Via: Biotech Activists via wdl@xminy.nl / Robert Vint

UNDP Report is biased: KRRS

'The Hindu'- ADAGUR,July 15.

The farmers' movement in Third World will be forced to launch a "Burn UNDP 2001 Report" stir on lines similar to the "Cremate Monsanto" agitation, Prof. M.D. Nanjundaswamy, President, Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha(KRRS), warned today. Speaking to presspersons on the sidelines of the KRRS public meeting here in Belur Taluk, he said the current UNDP report was biased.

He said it was sad that the United Nations (U.N.) was becoming a mouthpiece
of multinational companies and propagating the use of genetically-modified
food as a solution to feeding more people in developing countries. He said
the U.N. must concentrate on correcting the deficient distribution of
surplus foodstocks the world over, and direct the stocks to the deserving
and needy.

Refering the recent decision of the Centre to "de-freeze" 60 crore tonnes
of foodgrains rotting in its godowns to people above poverty line, he said
that it was an indicator of poverty amidst plenty. In this situation, the
latest UNDP Report was shocking in the sense that it had detached itself
from the principles of neutrality it had observed all these years.

He siad that last year's UNDP Report was impartial and its sudden change of
stand was purplexing. Traditional means of agriculture had proved that they
could provide sufficient foodgrains to feed all human beings in this world
without resorting to use of genetically-modified crops.The U.N. acting like
the World Bank and the IMF was not a good augury for a neutral body.

Karnataka Rajya Ryota Sangha
[Karnataka State Farmer's Association]
2111,7th-A Cross,3rd Main,
Vijayanagar 2nd Stage
Bangalore-560 040-India