Titel:Wereldbank en UNDP
10 juli 2001
Bron: Persbericht
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The revolving door of international organisations... / World Bank and UN WDP

I wondered today why UN staff were making pro-GM statements. Then I
looked at the background of the people who have been making them...

Mark Malloch Brown, Administrator, UN World Development Program.

Formerly World Bank Vice President for External Affairs and Vice
President for United Nations Affairs.

When Malloch Brown left the World Bank in April 1999, the World Bank
President, James Wolfensohn, said, ominously :

"I believe that Mark will do a wonderful job as head of the UNDP, and
I wish him every success. I am certain that his appointment will
further strengthen the partnership between the Bank and the U.N.

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr, Director, UN World Development Office.

Formerly worked for the World Bank as Agricultural Economist in the
Middle East and North Africa Region.

See the URL here for news from May/June 2000, when the former lead
author of the World Development Report, Ravi Kanbur, resigned after
being asked to tone down perceived criticism of globalisation :


Presumably these WDR authors, and former World Bank staff members, are
more "in tune" with the wishes of the World Bank, in its moves towards
globalisation and imposition of GM foods on the world.

Hope this is of interest.

Marcus Williamson