Titel: Support Percy Schmeiser
Datum: 30 maart 2001
Via: Biotech Activists mailing list, 4 april 2001


Support Percy Schmeiser

A judge on March 29 ordered Percy Schmeiser to pay the biotechnology giant Monsanto Co. thousands of dollars because the company's genetically engineered canola plants were found growing on his field, apparently after pollen from modified plants had blown onto his property from nearby farms.

The closely watched case was a major victory for companies that produce genetically modified crops and have been aggressively enforcing agreements that require farmers to pay yearly fees for using their technology and stopping farmers from saving their own seed for future planting.

If the Gene Giants and US Trade Reps get their way, every nation in the world will be forced to adopt patent laws that make seed saving illegal. The ruling against Schmeiser establishes an even more dangerous precedent because it means that farmers can be forced to pay royalties on GM seeds found on their land, even if they didn't buy the seeds, or benefit from them. Percy Schmeiser did not buy Monsanto's patented seed, nor did he obtain the seed illegally.

Dozens of similar lawsuits have been filed against farmers around the United States, but the Canadian case is the first to go to trial. This case sets a terrible precedent which must be reversed.

Support Percy Schmeiser
Percy Schmeiser has filed a counter-suit against Monsanto, and is considering an appeal of this ruling, but his family faces enormous legal costs that cannot be sustained without outside assistance.

Contributions to Schmeiser's legal defense may be sent to

Schmeiser Defense Fund
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
603 Main St.
Humboldt, Saskatchewan
Canada SOK 2A0

For more information about Percy Schmeiser's case, go to www.percyschmeiser.com

To see the 62-page decision by Canada's federal court judge Andrew MacKay

go to http//www.fct-cf.gc.ca